Sunday, August 16, 2009

Week 1 Review

I started the "Crack the Fat Loss Code" diet last Sunday and other than the ham snafu, I had one small (but major) derailment.

After weighing in this morning, my weight loss for Week 1 was 6.2 pounds.

My small derailment happened Friday afternoon at the movies. I ate about 20 pieces of 6 year olds chocolate malt balls. I really don't like those things and was actually just sucking on them but once I started, I had that fat-lady can't quit thing going on (it was a very big box). I was counting them, loathing myself but thankfully, managed to finally stop.

A serving is 18 pieces with 30 plus carbs/serving.


On Saturday morning, the scale showed a one pound gain.

Very illuminating how "unnecessary" carbs/sugar may affect your weight, no matter how small it may seem.

Other than that, I felt it was easy to stay on plan for the whole week.

The Atkins diet has you do a two week induction period of limiting carbs to less than 20. Also, the South Beach diet's Phase I limits carbs for the first two weeks . . . so, I have decided to repeat this first cycle again this week.

I don't expect to lose another 6 pounds next week, because I realize this weight loss is water weight. I'm just giving myself a bigger loss (hopefully) before the macro cycle begins.

P.S. - I have no desire for chocolate of any form, especially dark chocolate as of yesterday. I spread four wheelbarrows of horse dookies into a plot that I plan to use for a fall vegetable garden.


Vickie said...

if you are repeating week one - which I think you said - you are MISSING the point of following the plan. My suggestion is to NOT try to do better than what it is - but to just do what it is so that it has a chance of working.

Helen and will both tell you that it is not on the carb down days that we lost - it is on the baseline days that follow the carb up days that follow the carb down days. If you have all carb down days - after the first week - you will not continue to lose (over the course of the 8 weeks).

You are thinking DIET - and you need to think food plan - long term - and taking care of yourself.

Helly said...

I am concurring with Vickie here...when I try to "carb-down" multiple days, it does not result in loss (believe me, I've been doing it this week!). You absolutely have to start putting the starches back (as she describes) to solidify the first week's result...etc.!! The scale usually shows losses after I stick a few starches in...after carb-down days. Your results may vary. ;-)

Evelyn said...

Congrats on the weightloss...I don't know anything about this diet, but I do know about the South Beach Diet. The two weeks of no carbs was to stop cravings. People usually lost a lot the first week, maybe 1-2 lb the 2nd week then picked it back up the 3rd by putting in good carbs, 1-2 a day. I have no idea if you should repeat or not, but the carbs do help you lose weight. (Good ones...)

Debbi said...

I love, love, love it that you're going to have a garden. If you're anything like me (and I think you are!), make sure it's a big one! It's so fun to walk out to the back yard and gather most of what I need for dinner.

Patience said...

I think hauling horse dookies would probably make me not want chocolate either!!

Honib1 said...

I just fell out of my chair u said dookies I have not heard that since I was a kid.. LOL..

Laura N said...

YAY for your week 1 loss! 6.2 pounds is freaking awesome!!!!

It's now Friday & I'm just now commenting, so my 2 cents on not doing another week of low carb is pretty pointless. I'll be interested to see what you decided to do so please share! I will put these 2 cents in -- you have to look at this plan as 8 WEEKS. There will be WEEKS you don't lose a thing. You cannot let that derail you. Think of this as an 8 week plan & you will succeed. Don't get stuck on not losing or not losing enough one week. The weight WILL come off, even if you mess up once in a while (seriously-- stick to plan as much as possible, but I've never ever had a 100% perfect week & I still lose weight on this plan). You just have to work it the ENTIRE 8 weeks, including the 2 weeks of maintenance at the end.

Good luck!!!!