Thursday, March 18, 2010

So, you ask for "the details" . . .

"Take one slimy, greasy, slick criminal defense lawyer and one sociopathic ped-o-vile . . . between the two of them, there probably isn't much of a heart, maybe only a little bit of aorta." - Doc Manette

Anyway, the DA called me the week before vileman's trial to inform me that vileman was going to plead guilty in exchange for three years and I wouldn't have to testify.

A few days before his plea jail time hearing, I heard from the lovely lady (the lady who showed up with vileman's records at my temporary order hearing and the divorce hearing) letting me know that the nice man (the detective) wanted to talk to me.

I had a nice conversation with the detective. He said vileman's lawyer had a "heart to heart" talk (See first paragraph of this post) with the vileman about plea bargaining instead of going to trial, because the case was "airtight" and if he went to trial, he would probably end up doing the maximum of 10 years. (Sorry, very, very long sentence.) The detective seemed very pleased that vileman was going away for awhile.

Vileman must have had second thoughts about going to jail, because he showed up almost two hours late for his hearing.


With vileman out of the way, I was able to join facebook as . . . me!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Man's Pain is another WOman's Glee

$11,888.00 paid to a divorce lawyer
$4,140.00 paid to counselors
$601.00 out-of-pocket expenses for divorce (travel, lodging, copies, postage)
$1,485.00 in moving and storage fees

Cost to see the vileman's mug shot Tuesday night, on the website where he was booked on March 8th to begin serving his 3 year sentence . . .