Monday, May 31, 2010

Cue the world's smallest violins . . .

Look up the phrase "fair weather friend" in the dictionary and you will probably see a picture of me.


I'm the worst!

Never in my wildest dreams, did I think there would be a day (or the last two months) where I was unable to find time for blogging or reading all your blogs.

But I think of you all often and throughout the day of my ho-hum yet dangerous job. Seriously, I had a punk pull out a switchblade and start cleaning his nails in an attempt to intimidate me because he and his pregnant, non US citizen girlfriend were ineligible for food st*mps due to his full-time college student status . . . I ignored the knife and he eventually put it away but I was reprimanded by my supervisor for not leaving my office or calling for help (I did attempt to call my supervisor twice, but she never answered her phone)!

Oh the job.

My first appointment of the day are expedites, usually men who just got out of the big-house and are currently homeless . . . which then, makes me think about the vileman and what he will do when he gets out.

Not that you all remind me of educated punks and ex-felons.

No, no, no!

Every morning I put on a silver bracelet along with my "GRRR" bracelet (it's black and matches everything and they look really nice together, and many people have commented on them and so, I always think of Debbi every morning.

My friends from the Frances Kuffle Amazon blog and the AFG blog . . . Vickie, Lori, Anne, Jen, Cindy, Laura N. and Helen.

Friends I met blogging as the Gr*mpy Ch*ir D*eter . . . Sharla (happy anniversary), Jill, Cammy, Michelle, Patience, Eva and Wendy.

You all have been such a great support system to me and I shall be a better blogger buddy soon!
The kids are very active in baseball and t-ball. Everyday either a practice or game.

I get home from work, grab waters and kids and head to the baseball field. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. Sometime, we don't get home until 11:00 pm.

This has been going on since April. The t-ball schedule ends on Tuesday bringing about two to three days of relief.

Baseball ends sometime next month.

And with that said, I shall write again sometime in June!