Monday, March 30, 2009

Battered and Bruised

But in a good way.

My dad and I headed south to my old house Thursday morning; rented a U-Haul truck and moved all my furniture back here on Friday afternoon. I put all of it in a storage unit.

I got rid of another van load of give-away stuff. I figured if I hadn't needed it over the past nine months, I could live without it.


I have one more milestone to pass and that date will occur hopefully on April 6th.


A busy Monday awaits and will have to write more later.

Have a super great day!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in

Been very active around here with no relief in sight as this week starts the really,really busy season of after-school sports. Friday is the only day off with no activities other than their school. I can't wait to finally say T.G.I.F!

Early last week, I sunk to a new low when I sparred with vileman via email. You can not reason with a psychopath.

For nine months I would ignore all the emails he would send; gaining strength each time I opened one, read it and walked away without replying. Ignoring his emails and not letting the contents of the email upset me was the true test of control.

Unfortunately, I lost that control and hit the send button on a snarky reply. Though I regret my email, it isn't because I felt guilty about telling vileman what I think of him; I regret that he knows he finally got to me. Aarrgh!

I'm stronger than that! So, I am back to reading, letting it roll off my back and duck waddling away from the computer.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Summer/Winter Break with Steak

This is spring break week but you would never guess it. No spring like weather here. The first half of the week was in the mid 80's and yesterday a cold front came through bringing rain, rain and more rain.

After taking 5 year old to the after-hours clinic on Sunday afternoon (she has a cold with cough), the 12 year old and I headed to the old house. Vileman was working out-of-town until Wednesday, so the 12 year old and I stayed until Tuesday afternoon packing up all our items for storage.

We arrived Sunday night at 8:30 and I immediately went to work while the boy watched television. I was so pumped about packing, that I didn't stop until 4:00 am.

By Tuesday, almost everything was boxed and labeled. I didn't have time to get to the stuff in the garage, nor go through all the Christmas decorations, but it will just have to wait until the next opportunity, probably when I go back at the end of the month with a U-haul truck to pick up everything for storage.

Tuesday before lunch, 12 and I loaded up the mini-van (thank goodness for stow and go seats) with all the donated stuff to drop off at Purple Heart. We had a van full and it felt so good to just donate that stuff and not try to have a garage sale.

After our lunch, we loaded up the van with a few items to take home with us. When packing up the cooler with some water, I peeked in vileman's freezer (technically my refrigerator/freezer) and saw he had two, thick T-bone steaks. Mmmm. 12 year old loves steak.

I threw them in the cooler and left a note in the freezer for vileman saying "thanks for the steaks".

The 12 year old and I thought that was so funny.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rambling Nonsense

It has been a whirlwind, non-stop week and I am so glad it is over. I know 12 year old is glad it is over. He had to get up extra early all week and didn't get to sleep in this morning because his sister had a soccer game.

He showed his goat at the county FFA show on Thursday and the smell of chicken poop, rabbit poop, pig poop, lamb poop, goat poop and steer poop still lingers in my nose . . . and on the bottom of my crocs.

Currently, the 5 year old is watching Hannah Montana, while I am on the computer. Why do I find myself paying more attention to the TV than to the computer? I have never actually watched the show, yet I can't stop sneaking peeks at it. That Billy Ray Cyrus had some of the worst hair when he had his achy-breaky heart but his hair looks pretty cool now.

I'm hoping 5 year old isn't getting too sick, as she is running a fever today. There is nothing like spending 4 to 6 hours at the after-hours clinic on a Sunday afternoon. I just hate sitting in the waiting room with all those sick people who didn't get the flu shot. (We did.)

Can't stop watching the TV.

I don't seem to have the desire to write today so I will end this rambling nonsense and try again tomorrow.

Hope you all are having a great weekend.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Darn You Big Red!

When vileman travels out of state, I always see it as an opportunity to get some of our belongings. This weekend he was traveling, so on Sunday morning, the 12 year old and I drove back to the Bastille to pick up some items we will be needing in the near future and to pack up 12 year old's room. We headed out at 5:45 am and arrived around 9:30. The boy immediately headed back to his old room and started gathering up his trophies, books and posters.

The last time he went back to the old digs was in late July and he refused to go into the house. My heart ached, as I watched him get out of the car and run through the yard, to visit the next door neighbors. He never once glanced toward the house.

I suppose time really does heal.

About an hour after we had arrived, my swimming buddy, her hubby and the Irish twins showed up and with in a few minutes the next door neighbors (the former model and her very tall husband) knocked on the door.

The grown-ups sat in the family room talking "grown-up" talk while the 12 year old, the Irish twins, and the next door neighbor boy all played in the front yard.

We talked a bit about vileman and his troubles, keeping it light with gallows humor.

It felt so good to laugh.

After loading up my minivan, the 12 year old and I headed over to swimming buddy's house to eat sandwiches. For a beverage, I chose a can of Big Red . . . not thinking it would have any caffeine in it. I wanted the sugar for a quick pick-me up before we got back in the car for the almost four hour drive. After slurping it down, I looked at the can and noticed it did, indeed contain caffeine.


Had I known I was going to accidentally "cheat" on my caffeine freedom, I would have preferred to accidentally pull into a Starbucks and accidentally order a venti of caffeine goodness.