Friday, August 14, 2009

It was Ham! Eeek!

Instead of driving the 35 minutes to the small/mid city grocery store, which seems like a big city grocery store with INVENTORY, I chose to go to the closer small country town (where the kids go to school) grocery store.

Both grocery stores have the same name, just small country town store doesn't carry my favorite deli meat brand "Boarshead". Nor do they stock Greek yogurt which the small/mid city store does.

Anyway, should you still be reading . . .

I asked the girl at the deli if they had low-sodium turkey breast (I know the other store does - "Boarshead" yum.) She said "no", but they had a "natural" turkey breast. So I asked her to slice up about a pound and requested that she please separate with paper every 3 ounces (the other store would not have rolled their eyes for this request . . . I know, because I have watched how customer service driven they are at that store.)

By the way, the original store is very nice - with a coffee bar and free WIFI and a large speciality deli. When I go into small/mid city for counseling, I always stop by there and pick up the hard to find items.

I ran errands two days ago in the afternoon, prior to leaving the house, I tried to put a ring on my finger but my fingers were swollen. What? I hadn't had any bloat and was losing weight!

Last night I finally realized why my "natural turkey" didn't look like turkey but was instead "smoked ham". It even said "smoked ham" on the label.

At the orthodontist on Wednesday morning, I heard one of the ladies say they were closing two of those satellite grocery stores. She mentioned small country town as one of the stores expected to shut down.

I think that would be tragic and I hope the company doesn't shut it down because that would leave only Super Wallys for the townfolk to shop at.

Small country town store just needs to improve on inventory because the town is expected to grow and has already seen a growth of 50% in the last 10 years.

Small country town is growing, thanks to their school district. Three of the four schools (the high school, the middle school and the 3rd/4th grade campus) all received exemplary ratings (the highest ratings awarded Texas schools). The junior high earned recognized - (the second highest rating). Also, the high school (a little less than 1,000 students) had zero dropouts for the school year 2008/2009.

That is incredible and I have vowed to do whatever it takes to keep the kids in this school district.


Wow - what a tangent!

Anyway, I'm taking the kids to small/mid city today to try, once again, to get the 12 year old new tennis shoes (he was a little pain in the booty on Wednesday - the first attempt) and to go to the movies. Since we will be by the original good store, I plan to stop in for the "low-sodium turkey breast" deli meat. I'll just have to bring a cooler to store it in.

I'll be back to post on Sunday about the first week of Cycle 1 in the Crack the Fat Loss Code diet. Until then, hope you all have a great weekend.


Cindy...154 said...

That sodium really gets to me. Chinese food gives me a gain of at least three pounds whenever I eat it because of the sodium, but it will go back down - I find drinking lots of water helps. We shoe shopped over the weekend and thankfully got two good pairs for each kid. It can be tricky so I feel like I lucked out. Hope you have fun in the city..

Vickie said...

I nearly fell off my chair when I realized you had posted twice in the same week. . .just kidding and very glad you are writing more!

So, I wonder if they are just giving everyone smoked ham because they are not restocking the other stuff - and I wonder how many people even notice.

I think it will take at least 3 days to work its way out of your system - so do not panic if your end of first week weigh in is slightly off.

You are eating all the brocoli that you are supposed to - right? I used a LOT of the brocoli slaw (dry fried) rolled in steamed cabbage leaves with baked chicken and HOT chinese mustard. I also baked it with lots of lemon juice. And steamed for 15 minutes in pan with lid on (15 minutes is total time - started with cold pan/water and rinsed in cold to stop cooking after 15 minutes.)

sharla said...

I'm sorry, I had a chuckle about the 12y/o being a pain getting the shoes...brought back memories. Hope round two gets better.

Look at some of the pre packaged lunchmeats and not all turkey is turkey...I really like the one brand you get, only one store and the comissary have it so it is a drive..not as far as yours though.
I agree with Vickie, glad you are writting more!

Yay for the school district. I did that drive for 6 years till daughter switched to local- we do what we have to to give our kids the best education we can- is it a drive for you?