Monday, August 24, 2009

Oatmeal Never Tasted So Good

Today is my first carb-down day on the Crack the Fat Loss Code and I had power oatmeal for breakfast. I did continue with cycle 1 all last week (the carb deplete cycle) because I wanted to get the glycogen (the chocolate malt balls fiasco) out of my system. And according to the author of the book, it takes 72 hours to get rid of the glycogen. Last Monday night would have been the 72 hour cut-off, but I chose to continue on.

And I'm glad I did.

I started my lady cycle on Monday night and immediately felt bloated. I could literally feel the water retention filling up my body and I don't salt anything. NORMALLY, the day before, I CRAVE chocolate, which may have been why I had no resistance to 6's chocolate candy. On the positive side, I had no food cravings after that. No sweet tooth!

On the negative side, I had zero energy. Zilch.

By Sunday morning, I was down 1.8 pounds for a total loss for two weeks of 8 pounds.

Beware a tangent:

I have a lot of problems with the book. First, the editing is terrible and I have to wonder if it was even proof read. Another problem (major) her recipes should have been fact-checked/kitchen tested because several of the nutritional values are grossly inaccurate.


The kids are at school and let me tell you, it was a lot easier this year dropping them off. Last year, I think we all resented having to be here instead of where we thought our future was going to be. Last year, the boy had to enter a school where he did not know anyone. This year, he is at a different school (moved up to junior high) but he is no longer the new kid. When I was walking the girl to her classroom (she too, is at a new school - this school district has only two grades at each campus except the high school. So last year she was at the Pre K/Kindergarten campus and this year she is at the 1st/2nd grade campus) anyway, one of her little friends ran over and gave her a big hug.

Last year, I cried the whole way home because the boy looked so self-conscious walking into the school. This year, I didn't watch him. I turned the other way. When I finally took a peek in my rear-view mirror, he was talking with a group of kids. Phew.

No tears necessary.


Vickie said...

I totally agree about the editing on the book. I never looked to see if there were corrections or updates out there anywhere - I just came up with my own cheat sheets.

Glad it is going well. So you are now on week 2 plan??? And I agree - when I got to have my morning oatmeal back - it was so wonderful.

I DID DO week 7 and 8 (I wondered if I was the only one that has done week 7 and 8 as written - it was HARD to make myself level back out the food - that mental 'diet' thing of 'just keep going' or 'less is better' is such a strong thing.)

So, now I am back to week 2 myself! (after week 7 and 8 then you go back to week 2 if you still have more to lose).

It is interesting your mentioning the PMS - because after all this time - I STILL think that if I 'feed' a migraine I will feel better. And during this 8 week process I have had two or three migraines and NOT fed them and actually felt better, faster. So when that urge hits - I still have to 'talk myself down' from that EAT impulse - but once I recognize THAT is what is going on - I do so much better by NOT falling for the carb urge.

Vickie said...

oldest is finishing his laundry - patrolling his room, unplugging/cleaning his refrigerator - and heading out tomorrow. He is taking his car. First the middle child wanted to take the day off school and us drive (another car) to school to help him unload and get settled. Then when I said - no - she wanted him to come pull her out of whatever class she was in (tomorrow) to hug him one last time before he leaves town. And she is NOT the one that cried all last year (first two weeks straight and then every time he came home and left again) - that was the youngest - not sure if she will do better this year or not. I am not quite to 'oh, get going already - these girls are driving me nuts with your leaving' but nearly.

Jill said...

First of all - good job on the Crack Diet! You are really doing great (Whoppers are one of my all time faves, so I wouldn't have stopped when you did!)

Secondly, my 12 year old started junior high this year and I had to MAKE myself NOT be a nervous wreck around him the day before school started. I couldn't wait to get home that first day and find out how he did! He survived, but gosh it's so hard to trust that they'll be alright. He's still not convinced that junior high is going to be a blast, but I think once he finds his groove he'll be okay. Not sure if I'll find my groove or not - I'm so not ready for him to be entering these teenage years!!

Helen said...

I agree also that the book is HORRIBLY written and downright contradictory in many places. DB and I have decided to do different things on some days because of it (on carb-up days I don't eat any starches until evening because that's what she says in the description...he eats them all day because that's what she SHOWS in the meal plans!). But, the bottom line is that, as long as you stick with it, you lose weight. And, for me, it's been fairly easy. I don't have evening craves anymore (unless I eat something that's not on the program). I don't feel deprived really AT ALL. That is key for me.

I have not done weeks 7 and 8 as Vickie did...I went away on vacation and gained weight so thought I should dive back in to week 2 when I got back. Glad I did. But someday I'm going to have to do those weeks...

sharla*** said...

I'm glad you mentioned the book editing. I have been reading it and getting confused.

So happy for the kids! (said an "ah" when you wrote the lttle girl came and hugged the girl)

Cammy said...

Awesome job on taking positive steps forward! I kind of want to check out this book, but then again, editing errors drive me nutso. Maybe I'll glance through it at the library. :)

Keep up the great work!

Vickie said...

somewhere she does talk about the fact that some people have to have carbs evenly - (like a diabetic) and that her first preference is to carb load in the evening - but if one can't do that - to eat small amounts all day (meal times).

I am back to week 2 (as I mentioned) and the first thing I realized is that I had totally fallen off brocoli. I was eating TONS of veggies - but somehow forgot about brocoli. And after two weeks of mostly base line days - to be back to slim pickings (carbs only) shows me how FAST I go back to carbs (even if they are good ones).

The contrast of weeks 7 and 8 and then back to 2 is strong.

So, this week is good eye opener for me.

Laura said...

Way to make it to your 3rd week with an 8 pound loss. You have probably already noticed your energy going up from added in carbs.

Glad your kiddos are happy with school. & it was an easier beginning this year. That's such great news.
Laura N.