Monday, August 31, 2009

Snap Out of It!

So week three (cycle 2 for me), I ended up with no weight loss. In fact, by Wednesday morning, after my first two carb-down days, I was up 2 pounds.

This irritates me, because I have followed the plan with no slip-ups. Thankfully, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, all showed weight-losses, bringing me back to last weeks weight loss total of 8 pounds.

This past weeks results made me grumpy. I mumbled under my breath about quiting and returning to counting calories and eating WHATEVER I WANTED as long as I didn't exceed 1400 calories. I mumbled some more that I used to lose at least 2 pounds a week doing it that way.

Then, I decided that losing 8 pounds in three weeks wasn't too shabby and remembered that I haven't counted calories in a very, very long time. Also, this diet has seriously nipped my carbohydrate and sweet tooth cravings. A very good thing.

Saturday evening, I started walking again. I'm hoping that the cardio will shake things up a little bit this week and by next Monday, I will see a weight loss for the week.


Cammy said...

Nope, I don't think 8 pounds is particularly shabby either. Keep it up!

Vickie said...

8 pounds sounds good - the second week is to cement the first week's loss. And you don't lose the weight on the carb down days - you lose the weight after the carb up days that come after the carb down days. The order of the days is important.

Were you not doing any exercise in week two?

If you were not and pick it up in week 3 - that will help a lot.

If you are walking - it needs to be cardio walking (in my opinion) - like major sweat, can't carry on a full conversation, get the hell out of my way - walking.

HAs your weather cooled down or will you be walking at midnight?

Anonymous said...


The temp. was 68 this morning when I took kids to school. I'm walking around 6:00 pm - this week temps are supposed to be in the 80's which will change next week - back to the high 90's. (It was almost 100 degrees last Monday).

I just started walking during the cycle 2 period. I did the deplete week twice and had NO ENERGY!

Made the mock-eggrolls yesterday - other than stinking the kitchen up, they were very delicious. I'm thinking of cutting the hot mustard next time and adding cinnamon and nutmeg to the broccoli mix while dry frying - for a cabbage roll - minus the rice. - A

Sharla said...

Is it also humid? Hubby and I left at 8pm for our walk tonight, too dang hot!

Have any broccoli ideas you"d like to share?

8lbs is not bad at all!

Anonymous said...

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