Friday, August 28, 2009

Planning the Carb Up Day

So, how crazy am I, that I'm already planning my menu for tomorrow? The Crack the Fat menu for the carb up day gives examples for the last two meals: sub sandwich and two slices of pizza.

That is not want I want. Got no cravings for a deli-meat sandwich since I already eat turkey roll-ups frequently during the week.

I want a peanut butter sandwich made on Ezekiel bread.

And my second carb-up meal will be a serving of low-sugar, high fiber cereal.



Vickie said...

I didn't realize when I started back this time (after two years of pretty steady food plans) how important it is to teach ourselves to PLAN and then CARRY OUT WHAT WE PLANNED.

Yes, I did that before - but with the constant changing of the days - this plan really brings the point home.

How are your cards working out? It does get much easier to keep track - now I just have to glance in the morning to see what kind of a day it is - and then it is pretty easy.

Evelyn said...

I think it is a good thing to plan out your day and it's not like you're planning to eat a whole pan of fudge brownies, LOL. There are days I would KILL for a good PB&J sandwish!!!