Saturday, August 8, 2009


Thank goodness Vickie is always there to give me a little nudge to post something . . . because I'm very lazy. I get on the internet (dial - up - GROAN) and by the time I have read blogs, I'm too impatient to post or blog myself.

The boys were out of the tournament on the third day. When we were headed back to my sister's house, 12 year old had me pull over . . . he was sick to his stomach . . . to the point where I had to bring him to the ER that night because he said the pain in his stomach was unbearable. I immediately thought "appendicitis" - but he just had a bug and was very dehydrated. The ER room was very quiet when we got there and thankfully he was seen immediately. We didn't leave until the next morning because they wanted to observe him overnight. All the nurses thought he was so cute and kept checking on him.

After I slept most of the afternoon, the kids and I went back home.

Two days later, I had the horrible stomach pains.

12 year old lost 6 pounds.

I gained 2.


Hanlie said...

Life just ain't fair! I'm glad you're all better though.

Vickie said...

okay - I get the irony - but how did you gain two pounds puking your guts???

Laura said...

Oh geesh. That is just wrong on so many levels. Hope the 2 are gone by now!