Thursday, October 1, 2009

Channeling Det. Colombo in a Minivan

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."
- Sun tzu

Yesterday, I sat around and spent a little time thinking of scenarios of why vileman lost his job. I used the old strategy "if that happened then this would happen" and came up with an answer that I'm willing to accept.

After vileman got that job last year, my dad looked up their website and printed out the job application. We were shocked anyone would hire him with an indictment hanging over his head. But, the application never asked have you ever been indicted? Instead it asked "have you ever been convicted of a felony". Since vileman hasn't been convicted yet, he didn't lie on his application. So, I'm thinking that maybe the company didn't want a possible lawsuit against them for firing an "alleged" s*x off*nd*r. (Sorry for the weird spellings . . . don't want any google drop ins to this sight.)

Also, if someone tipped off his boss about the indictment and that is why he was terminated, then vileman would have blamed me, or someone in my family. He would have been angry enough to call my parents residence or emailed his wrath. (My family would have never told his company about him because my children benefited from that job: great health care insurance and child support.)

Vileman didn't tell his family. If he was terminated because of his indictment, he would have been indignant, outraged and defensive and would want to blame someone and let someone(s) hear him, so I pretty sure he would have told his family.

Maybe he quit to work somewhere else? Nope - he would have contacted his family if he had quit that job to take a better job.

He could have done something illegal and got arrested. But, I think his arrest would have gotten back to the first arresting detective and he would have notified me.

Though vileman's previous company didn't monitor his email/web searches or history, I would think he might be a little more discreet and not use his business computer for illicit downloads. I know his bond restrictions dictate that he has to report to a community supervisor. He has the right to check his work computer (vileman wasn't allowed to have a personal computer) and load monitoring software on it if he thought necessary. Since vileman has not sought any treatment, maybe the urges made him careless. This is my first best guess at what might have happened.

Through the process of elimination, my second guess is going to be he broke a company rule. (I don't know if I ever mentioned that on the day vileman got arrested, he borrowed a company vehicle to drive to the scene of the crime where he was arrested. When the detectives asked me if he always drove the blue Ford? I looked shocked and told the detectives that wasn't his car. They all three shook there heads and decided it was a company car. I laughed when they said that and made a comment something along the lines of "what a dumb ass" and we all shared a good belly laugh).

Maybe he got caught taking kickbacks as he was in purchasing.

Whatever it was, he was too embarrassed to let anyone in his family know he had been terminated.


With no fancy title and power, comes the loss of those perks to keep you busy and not thinking about doing time. And when you travel to the New Orleans office as often as he did, the lifestyle of going to Hornets and Saints games plus home town's teams, well you end up with a lot of free time on your hands.

Vileman would probably (and I know I'm right about his) cry on whomever's shoulder about missing his kids but he kept busy with things that vile would find fun. We have never seen any sign that he has spied on us or followed us since moving here.

But that was before he lost his job.

He stayed at the same hotel chain when he traveled to the other office and I know he has many many hotel points for free nights. Country town has that hotel, so yesterday before picking the kids up from school, I drove by and checked the parking lot for his car. I'm going to do it everyday until I know he has been put away or hear something about where he is.

I have a list and phone numbers of his former friends from Oklahoma. Since a lot of them own their own small businesses, I suspect he will be notifying them for job leads.

His silence is deafening!

And very scary.

Not paralyzing scary.


Ironically or good timing, last Friday, 6 saw the healer to discuss not going with vileman should he show up at her school or see him(we did not know about his job loss at this time). The healer worked with her for almost 1 1/2 hours and I know she gets it.

I don't worry as much for 12, because he knows and promises me he will seek adult help if vileman should ever approach him.


Helne said...

Scary stuff. I am glad that you are continuing vigilance. Sadly, I think that is really prudent. I hope he's locked up soon.

Vickie said...

I am hoping that someone with a background in hiring reads this and tells us what can and can't be asked on an application. Maybe have to be convicted for them to ask - ???

I wonder if you will ever even know what happened with this go around.

All your points seem very logical.

You have more drama now than Lori!

How firm have you been with the school offices about his showing up with some story? Will/can they call the police if he shows?

I would not at all count on 6 or 12 to not fall for something. They are kids. They have not seen him in a long time. There will be all kinds of emotions there. And you fill in the blanks charming/manipulative, demanding/yelling,
artful lying/cunning

If you find his car anywhere in town - I personally would camp out in front of (or in) school until this is all over.

I bet your dad has his shot gun loaded and ready.

Hanlie said...

I hope that he stays away. He must realize that he won't achieve anything meaningful by approaching the kids.

Your heading made me laugh!

Vickie said...

it doesn't have anything to do with achieving or not achieving and very little that they do actually makes any sense. . .it is very disordered thinking. they want what they want.

Vickie said...

you are doing a very good job with all of this. and you were smart to take 6 in to have the healer work with her on dealing. there is a lot of empowerment in that.

Vickie said...

it was a very good title. I can just picture you - do you have sunglasses and a newspaper?

Evelyn said...

I'm sorry you have to go through all of this. I know we have a good justice system, but it slow...He should have been locked up ages ago...As for the job'd be surprised what you can not ask a potential can not ask about age, marital status, kids, criminal actions pending, religion, and so much more. Once they are an employee, you can ask anything you want, but by that time, you've already decided that this person is right for the job. What you have to get good at is asking questions that start conversations, becuase if a person volunteers information, you can use it against them. You are right, usually employers only ask about CONVICTED felonies. Innocent till proven guilty...

Lori G. said...

I wonder if the police or DA's office would be interested to know that he lost his job? Also, I'm thinking that msybe your contacts with the police might have some suggestions on what to do next or if he tried to get in touch with the kids.

Also, take a copy of the divorce/custody papers and reiterate to the schools that Vileman has no business/right to the children. Have them make a copy and keep it with the school staff/papers/secretary.

Vickie said...

you have had some great titles over the years - but this might be the best one ever.