Saturday, October 17, 2009

Take out the fat - put the fat back in . . .

After re-thinking my resume, I decided it wasn't doing me any justice and retooled it. My original version was pared down because years ago, I had heard your resume should only be one page long. So, last year when I wrote my resume, I took out a lot of the "fat" and instead of highlighting my accomplishments, I focused on my job duties.

So, after a lot of research, rewriting, utilizing the right "buzz" words, and getting rid of a job on my resume (it aged me and I read you should only have the past 15 years of work on the resume -also, I have no desire to be a financial paraplanner and would not be looking for jobs in that area) I'm now ready to retry the job search with the new and improved resume.

Wish me luck!


I spent a lot of time re-tooling the resume last week but in between breaks, I cleaned out my closet and the four foot lockers full of clothes that no matter how many times I weed out - still seem to never make much of a dent (sort of like my credit card balances).

There is a show called "Closet Cases" with Lloyd Boston that I love to watch on Saturday afternoon (Fine Living Network). His advice is to make three piles: Stop, Go and Yield . . . I did that and managed to get two large trash bags full of clothing for donation to Goodwill. My goal would be to have one foot locker for out-of-season clothing storage.


Six got sick Thursday night. She said her head hurt. She was also running a fever and I was afraid she was going to have the flu - she had a field trip scheduled for Friday at the pumpkin patch and she couldn't go because Friday morning she still had a fever. Boo Hoo! I felt so bad for her (second thing she didn't get to do) but I promised when she felt better I would take her to the pumpkin patch.

This morning she has had no fever, just a runny nose and a wet cough. Hopefully it is just a cold.

The rain finally stopped yesterday and the sun is actually shining today - the temperatures are in the low 70's - a beautiful fall day just waiting for me to enjoy a nice walk.

Have a great weekend.


Vickie said...

I have youngest that HAD a temp yesterday (Saturday) and now normal temp but still has the sore throat.

Middle and husband are fine and running in a charity race today.

I am delighted to say that I am staying in my PJ's ALL DAY!

I am catching up on kitchen (volleyball tourny last week totally took up any extra time). My first dishwasher load this morning was ALL pans and the next one is going to be all bowls (to give you an idea of the volume. . .)

Cindy...154 said...

Daughter felt lousy all last week but I think she is getting better now. The sun finally came out today, too. It was great for my morning scenic bike ride. I have closet issues. I have a big closet but it manages to stay overstuffed in spite of fairly regular purgings. I also have a habit of bagging clothes up and then running around with them in the trunk of my car. I am going to add dropping some off to tomorrow's accomplishment list. Thanks for the inspiration!! Hope six is all better. Good luck on the job search - sounds like your resume is good with the improvements. Mine turned into two pages this time around and I am glad I kept my awards and accomplishments on there. When I was inteviewing for the job I just accepted the HR guy complimented me on an academic award I recieved in college in 1990 and he seemed genuinely impressed with it even though it was 19 years ago. I believe there is a great job out there for you. I always remind myself when looking for a job that I only need ONE job. That keeps me feeling encouraged even when people talk about job markets or lack of jobs. I just repeat that one simple fact to myself.

Hanlie said...

I'm starting a room-by-room overhaul today... A room per day - washing windows and skirting boards, cleaning out and reorganizing closets, oiling and polishing furniture and cleaning the blinds... Should be fun! I doubt there will be much to do away with, because we pared down quite a bit when we moved in March, so this is more of a spring clean.

Hope 6 feels better soon!

Vickie said...

every time I see your title I start singing it to the tune of hokey pokey.