Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cracking the fat hasn't been as fat cracking as I thought it would be BUT, I haven't been exercising, either. I'm starting the 7 week cycle back over this week (as you are supposed to if you need to lose additional weight) but not going to redo the carb-deplete week - just starting back at week 2.

The other day I noticed in the garage, that my dad had his old exercise bike still around. I can promise you, my dad hasn't exercised on it since 1990. When 12 was a baby, I borrowed it for a couple of years and actually had some success with weight loss when I alternated between the bike and aerobics (this was before I bought a treadmill). The bike looked like it was still in pretty good shape. . . probably because it had about the same mileage that Grandma put on her car, which she only drove to church on Sunday morning. ***Insert rant***My parents do not throw anything away. They are not hoarders like extreme hoarders but they sure hold on to things they don't use or haven't used in years. For instance, they moved here from Tulsa in 2005. You would think that the rusty, 37 year old tandem bike that my older sister and I rode for fun when we were in 7th and 3rd grade would have been given to the junk yard instead of paying to have a moving company haul it here, where it sits in my dad's workshop . . . along with the 1957 Chevy he has had for years and "is gonna fix up". ***End of rant***

Sorry, it's amazing that I have no sentimental emotions toward objects and pretty much left behind years of stuff from the old life. It all can be replaced.

Anyway, the exercise bike has been pulled out, cleaned-up and put away in the shop for easy access. Now that the weather is a wee bit crisp (gosh I love, love, love! autumn) I got no more excuses . . . time to get out and walk and use the exercise bike.

The kids and I watch TBL on Saturday nights on Bravo and 6 asked me if I wanted her to be my personal trainer. She showed me a bunch of exercises she does in PE class. How sweet is that?


I spoke with Lori the other day and she said something that Det. Colombo hadn't thought of . . .she says it sounds like vileman is on the run . . . yikes!

If he is on the run, he won't be bothering us.

Still won't be letting my guard down.


jen said...

I think you should get the tandem bike operable and see if the kids can have fun on it :)

Vickie said...

I didn't think of on the run either - but that does make a lot of sense. I suppose no one will really know until his next mandated court appearance - right? Won't that be interesting!

I was going to ask - Can the tandem bike be salvaged so you and one of your parents or you and 12 can ride it - ? (they are lots of fun) but then I think I remembered that you can't ride bikes on your roads and that is probably why you hit on the idea of the stationary one.

I have changed my cardio this week. Will be interesting to see what happens on the scale by the end of the week. My main instructor is out of town - and is quitting Zumba at the end of the year - so I am trying out new instructors in addition to my regular classes. So more/different cardio.

30 minutes of pretty intense cardio (obviously warm up and warm down and stretch are important beyond the 30) per day makes a big difference with this food plan (I think).

Vickie said...

is it still hot there or has it cooled down enough so that you can breathe while you sweat?

sharla*** said...

can you call the det that you had good rapport with and ask some questions? Maybe he can find something out and if he is on the run, they might want to know about it.

I use to hate the stationary bike. It is now my favorite, behind my real bike

Michelle said...

Maybe trying googling the vileman?? Maybe something will pop up? Not sure it'd do any good, but it might not hurt to try.

I think it's smart to be on alert. You can never be too careful.