Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Rambling Post

It has been raining and raining and raining for the last few days. Prior to this past week's rain, it rained for almost 10 days straight a couple of weeks ago . . . the ground is soaked already! Not complaining, because this summer we were in a drought - no rain for 40 plus days and when it did rain it was a short sprinkle - not a soaker.

I just don't like gloomy days.


Vickie, the high school drill team puts on a camp every year for the younger girls to have the opportunity to dance with the drill team during half-time at one of the football games. I signed 6 up and she went to the two workshops last week but unfortunately, the weather went from 90 degrees on Thursday afternoon to 50 degrees and rainy by Friday afternoon. When I picked 6 up from school she had a runny nose, so I decided not to let her perform that night. I know that the weather doesn't make one sick, but I didn't want to chance her getting worse, especially with the flu bug going around this area. She would have been miserable sitting on the cold bleachers waiting for half-time. And this kid's teeth start to chatter at 72 degrees.

I did get to see her perform the routine several times on the football field on Tuesday night during their practice. Still, I sort of feel guilty about keeping her home that night.

They do it again during basketball season so she will have that opportunity, plus it's indoors!


Since the weather turned chilly with temps staying in the 50's for a few days, it was time to buy jeans for the kids. I warned 12 ahead of time that we were going shopping, told him the stores we were going to go to and in what order, and that I didn't want to hear any complaints or how much longer? or how many more stores do we have to go to? sassy talk from him.

He was very good. 6 is always good because she loves to shop.

Unfortunately, 12 is at that awkward slim stage where nothing fits in the waist without being high-waters. We finally settled on 28 x 30's at Old Navy. He probably needs a 27 inch waist. We also picked up solid colored long sleeve tee shirts for layering under his short tee's. Old Navy has the softest tee shirts.

Last stop was at Aeropostale for hoodies and more tee's. (By the way, the boys at this small country junior high school dress way, way nicer than the girls. I have seen only a handful of girls that looks stylish.)

Anyway, the kids each got some warm clothes and I feel blessed that I had the money to buy them. I know a lot of families are financially strapped and having a hard time making ends meet and I hope this recession eases up soon.


Well, with the dampness came a very slow internet connection - so off to do some chores.

Have a great week!


Vickie said...

the camp sounds wonderful -

my youngest is always freezing - so I can relate to not sending her to be misserable.

Side note: The middle child is always hot - she already is saying that the year she gets out of college she is going to Alaska to teach for a year (it is a program to get teachers into outer areas where it is hard to find teachers).

high school here - the boys dress much better also - and they are much tougher on boys (dress code) than the girls. I think it is because it is the football coach that stands in the doorway watching boys come in each day. He has radar for checking facial hair, hair cuts, clothes, shoes.

The middle child was written up last year once for print on socks. which she found ironic - because her belly is always tucked IN and there are other girls with gaps. so why the french teacher was worried about print on socks (it is against the rules) instead of doing belly checks - we don't know.

Vickie said...

Administration (in those remote areas) is HARD - because they are traveling to all the different remote schools. But the teachers - stay next door (or sometimes IN) the school. So it is not as hard on their body. Health problems are not good up there - because they often have to fly you out to get you medical services. But I do not think that ALL the teachers have to be in the remotest of the remote. A local minister's wife went through this program years ago - and did it with 3 of her college friends - they were all together (worked together and lived together, it was the only way her very conservative mom would let her go) and were in a slightly larger school in a more main stream area. She loved it.

IS your mother going with him (and then that leaves you to take care of your grandpa's emergencies)???

Vickie said...

you might enjoy this:

Vickie said...

Rainy here too. I got out the black and white polka dot rain boots for the first time today. Wore them in one store and had a teenager (within about 20 seconds) tell me how great they were. I am not hip in any other way - but the teenagers always go for the boots.

Cindy...154 said...

the basketball game will work better being inside and warm. It would have been a long night in the cold waiting for half time. I'm glad the kids got some nice new warm clothes. I am getting ready to do the same with mine. Grandson does not like to shop, and daughter could shop all day..

sharla*** said...

I can hear my grandma yelling after me, when going out in the cold without a jacket_ "Do you wanna catch the death of pneumonia?!"

(in my rebellious stage, I think I might of said Well yes I do)

I kept son home from a school Holiday concert and it bothered ME for years, I think he was happy to stay home.

You did the right thing

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