Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Swift Kick in the Bottom

Last night, the local news station highlighted a family of five children up for adoption. The children were currently placed in two separate foster homes and were hoping to stay together. I think the oldest was eight.

When the news anchor was introducing the story, the 12 YO said "don't worry Brad and Angie will adopt them". But after the end of the story, 12 Y/O asked with a lump in his throat, if we could adopt them.

Sometimes I need moments like that to remind me how fortunate we are.

The police records keeper that I met at the temporary order hearing and then again at the divorce hearing (the lovely lady), told me that most of the women immediately forgive their husbands after they are arrested. They bail them out, making excuses that this was just a big misunderstanding. That is so sad and probably has a lot to do with the wife not having family or other options to turn to.

So Vickie, is right, we were very lucky to have my parents and my sisters (though I will tell you, it is hard to go back home as an adult with children . . . but that will have to be another post!).

I know things will begin to fall in place . . . I'll find a job, the house will be sold, and the kids and I will move into our own place.

Vileman, though he has a good job (and Laura, my family and I have all wondered how he managed to find such a lucrative job . . . crazy), his future isn't so bright. All he has to look forward to is a prison cell. And I have vowed (well, in my revengeful imagination) to go visit him after he has been there for a couple of weeks (if he lasts that long) . . . I visualize myself taking big deep breaths and sniffing with my eyes closed. I then let him know I was smelling freedom! Maybe I will dance a little freedom dance, then skip out the door. (Hey, I can daydream!)


Jill said...

Oh my gosh that is brilliant! Smelling freedom, happy freedom dancing - I love it!!

Your 12yo is a special guy! He's a keeper! ;)

Vickie said...

We have a convicted felone (did I spell that right?) who has had several very top level white collar jobs. Eventually they do a back ground check - discover he lied - and he is fired. He has always lived in the same town - and it WAS in the papers there - so his conviction and all the previous jobs and the after jail jobs were all in the same town - and people kept hiring him.

Anne said...

It's so easy to forget how blessed we are, especially while going through something as horrible as you and your kids have endured this year. But yes, there is freedom and happy dancing and empathy and dreaming. And that is wonderful :)

Scale Junkie said...

I think there is something to be said for revenge. Especially this kind of revenge. I just hope he's locked up for a very long time so your children can grow up and live their lives in peace.

disa said...