Monday, February 2, 2009

These Pretzels are Making Me Crazy

If you recall from the old days, I loved pretzel rods. Yet, I couldn't eat just one serving, it was more like half a bag in one sitting. So I gave them up.

Until the fall of 2008.

Wally's makes a brand that is quite tasty and cheap. So I purchased a bag and a jug of Clamato juice.

Several times during the week around 9:00 pm, the 12 Y/O and I would go downstairs and watch television. Sunday night was "The Unit"; Monday night the Christian Slater show that got cancelled, and Thursday was "Life on Mars".

Out came the bag of pretzels and a glass of Clamato juice.

And I had control. I would eat around five pretzel rods which equalled around 200 calories plus an additional 50 calories for the juice.

Since I rarely ate three meals a day, that usually was my dinner.

For three months, I showed a little control. I ate them slowly while sipping on my tomato juice. (Pretzels and tomato/clamato juice are a very nice combination.)

Well joyfulness and giddiness appeared and all of a sudden, a bag that would last me almost two weeks, was gone in two days.

Naturally, my pants started feeling tighter.

So, I had to banish them . . . again.



Vickie said...

very curious how much salt there was between the juice and the pretzels - but please do not buy more to find out!!!

Laura just wrote about night time eating too. . . it must be going around this winter.

Can you rediscover the joys of HOT tea? I use tons of lemon in mine.

Vickie said...

You will love her post title:

have a good day - how did your new resolution to catch up with the 12 y/o go???

Jill said...

MMMM.... love me some pretzel rods - especially when they are covered in chocolate!

I'm the same way with Cheetos and milk (weird I know). Maybe you could just portion out 5 rods and put them in a baggie, then put the rest waaaayyyy up high, so you have to really work to get to them. I find that if I have to exert some effort, it usually gives me time to rethink my decision.

Clamato juice...hmmmm...not sure what I think about that one! :)

LG said...
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Patience said...

If it doesn't involve chocolate or butter, it doesn't bother me too much. Unless it's potato chips.

Rats. Now I'm hungry.

Helen said...

Ooooh...all that salty goodness...makes my mouth water. ;-) THAT's my kind of bad eating. But I'll bet the sodium in both the juice and rods are more to blame for pants-tightness than even the calories. I have really realized lately that sodium affects how my clothes fit...A LOT.

sharla said...

Someone gave daughter a "pretsel" box for Christmas. Lots of flavors and toppings

I loved Christian Slater in the 80's movies!

Laura N said...

I buy stuff I tell myself I'll be able to portion out--like ice cream & cookie dough (it's for the kids! yeah, right), and I end up binging. It's so hard to overcome this addiction.

I loved your title. That's one of the best Seinfelds ever.