Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I've gone cold-turkey on caffeine (mostly coffee).

Woke up this morning at 4:22 and my head felt like it was going to explode . . . (grits teeth) I can do this.

I chose to quit coffee because that is all I drink. Coffee in the morning, coffee again in the late morning and coffee at 2:00 pm!

It had become a problem.

I cannot wean myself off the stuff, so it is best to just go cold-turkey.

I feel like shit and it is only day two! I know from past experience it gets worse as the week goes on.

I'll be white knuckling it.


sharla said...

Oh man, thats a tough one! I'll be thinking about you!
I had to go cold turkey off of soda's and I'm there with you, that head explosion thing is real!!!! I almost threw in the towel on day 3, but your right, after about 5 days, it was better and now I don't "need" it.
Did you find a replacement drink? I finally settled on iced herbal peppermint tea with stevia drops (powder too bitter).
Hang in there Girl!

Jill said...

Oooh you are stronger than I am. I only drink coffee in the A.M., but I feel off if I don't have it.

Good luck!

Laura N said...

OMG you are a stronger woman than me. But you can surely do it!! (I'm an a.m. only drinker, then I drink water the rest of the day. Without my coffee, though, the day is just not the same)

Vickie said...

My mom did this too - heart issues - cold turkey - she and my grandma and my aunt were the biggest coffee drinkers that I have ever seen. they could never figure out 'where I came from. . .'

I can't even stand to be in the same room with someone drinking it - or smell it on their breath.

Coffee harder or easier than the pretzel rods???

Helen said...

When I quit caffeine, the physical withdrawals were worse than when I quit smoking so I sympathize! You can do it...I think it took me just about 4 days to get it gone from my system...drink decaf and decaf green tea and water with lemon or lime to detox. Good luck!

questionsfordessert.com said...

I am going caffeine cold turkey tomorrow - for Lent. I'm really scared about it. I'll have an unbelievable headache tomorrow - probably vomiting as well. I've done this before. My symptoms only last a day, so I guess I'm pretty lucky. I've taken the day off in advance, and was honest about why too.

I'm with you girl. Hang in there.

Hanlie said...

You can do this! The mere fact that you get withdrawal symptoms proves that it's not healthy. I only get a headache the first day, but my husband gets it the third day. (We do fall off the wagon sometimes).

Good luck!

Patience said...

I'm not NOT gonna give up coffee! I may give up lotsa other stuff, but I'M NOT GIVING UP COFFFFFFFEEEEEEE!!