Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Am My Own Worst Enemy

First, let me say a big old thanks to Cammy, Jill and Cindy for their great suggestions and help with my resume. I used every single suggestion and have started to get a few nibbles from the new and improved resume and kick but(t) cover letters.

Now, if only someone other than me did the interview!

I am no longer articulate! (My gray matter is as smooth as glass.)

And apparently, I have the skills of a good politician . . . as in not answering the question asked and instead talking about something different and nodding my head in agreement . . . at the same time.

My favorite thing is to call the company I'm interviewing at by the wrong name!

Man, you should see the look on the interviewer's face when that happens!

If anything, I might have a career in writing a book on "NOT what to say or do during job interviews for dummies".


I have had a sinus/cold thing going on for the last 6 weeks.

Now if I were auditioning for a role as Rudolph, there wouldn't be a problem but going to a job interview with a shinny red nose (because it is so chapped that I have had to resort to rubbing Aquaphor around the nostrils) is very unattractive.

"No, I rarely call in sick . . .cough, cough."


I'm worried most about (should a job offer be offered my way) asking off for vile's trial. I guess I will cross that bridge when I'm lucky enough to have a job.


Vickie said...

at least you have interviews!!!

Cammy said...

Glad to help, but your resume was pretty fantastic already!

In the few interviews I've done in the past, I've found it helpful to pause for a few deep breaths outside the door. I remind myself that I'm pretty damned awesome, take a few more breaths, and then go in.

Congrats on the interviews!

sharla said...

Interviews are good!

Think of the not quite perfect ones as practice for the job that you WILL get!

Any firm dates set yet?

Anonymous said...


I'm assuming you are asking about vile's trial date? It should be on the 22nd of Feb. I'm only needed for an hour - so I hope if I do have a job, the DA will notify me on the exact date and not bring me down there to wait for days and days.

Doc Manette

Jill said...

Just think of those other interviews as good practice for when the real job interview comes up!! So glad you are getting some bites!!


Saffa Chick said...

Yeah, congrats on getting interviews! And with each one completed you're learning something to put towards the next one... your list of mistakes made me chuckle.

Best of luck

Lora said...

I went throught the job search f-o-r-v-e-r! I can totally relate the gray matter issue in the brain! Don't worry - when the right one comes along - you'll get it! And you'll be aweome at whatever you do!