Monday, January 11, 2010

That Girl

Lately, I have felt that if any more straw is thrown on this old camel's back . . . implosion might occur. Then, I spoke with my big sis yesterday morning and she told me to start telling myself or chanting "this is only temporary, this is only temporary".

She also reminded me of a conversation that I had on June 25th when I asked my then husband "Is this the only phone call you can make?"

Jailed vile husband: "Yes!"

Me: "Then you made the wrong phone call." Click.

I need to channel that girl who was so strong and smart that horrific day.

Off to go chant . . .


Vickie said...

okay, the jail phone call conversation might take the top of the list as best ever. and you have had some pretty good ones over the years.

Cammy said...

Hah! That's what I'm going to start telling myself when I'm threatening to go down the negative track: "You're making the wrong phone call."

You ARE strong and smart! If you ever need a reminder, let me know.

sharla said...

You are that girl!
You have shown amazing strength!

Hanlie said...

You ARE that girl! Love the response!

Lora said...

Your response was classic!