Thursday, November 5, 2009

No News . . . Yet (tick tick tick . . .)

Still waiting to hear something about anything!

In the meantime, I'm hunkered down trying to secure some temporary seasonal retail employment while still doing the full-time job hunt.

I so wish I had something of the good news variety to let you know about.

But I got nothing.

I have been staying away from sweets (there's a bit of good news!) and sticking with the fat cracking diet. The few slacks that I bought last fall when I thought I was going to be looking for a job, are about to be too big - (some more good news!)

Switching gears, last week Abbey from TBL was on the radio and mentioned there was a romance going on behind the scenes . . . after watching Tuesday's episode, I think I might have figured out the duo . . . (Trainer and young pretty trainee . . . )

I'm off to read Jen's review of this weeks TBL episode . . . maybe she mentions something about it.


Vickie said...

There is also a romance going on (that they already talked about) with two that already went home.

With this one, we picked up on them editing it to look like a romance thing too. And I agree they really made it look that way this week.

Didn't notice it (at all) until two weeks ago (or whenever they changed the groups up).

Last season it was a pile of the men all upset because they had 'lost' Bob. And boy were they upset - cried and carried on something fierce.

So, this time, I wasn't sure if I was just thinking romance because it was a cute blonde.

We have been wondering about Bob for years now - in touch with his female side but still straight is what my 15 year old thinks.

Vickie said...

Were you jumping up and down because crazy eyes went home?

I realize she had finally settled down a bit - and had stopped with the over opened eye thing (or they stopped showing it).

But I must say we were all relieved to be done with her.

My guess is that she WILL do very well at the finals.

But hopefully won't be stalking anyone - she has the personality that might.

And my kids were trying to figure out how HER kids were going to deal/cope with feedback at school over how she was on the show. I am sure her kids will not think a thing of it when they watch themselves (because that is HER and how she is) but surely kids at school will think she was really bad.

Vickie said...

congrats on having too big of pants - that is always a very nice thing - until of course you don't have any pants. . . and then it is a bittersweet thing.

I am still down to ONE pair and had a panic attack one day last week.

I had cleaned the shower (semi annual event) using soft scrub with bleach. I got in the car later and saw the yucky yellow white spot on the jeans - near the crotch - that comes when bleach hits denim.

I thought OH NO and then realized it was a drip of mustard. pants are still safe.

But I accidentally washed one of my too big bras in the washer (ironically with a load of jeans) and RUINED the underwire (totally, hopelessly out of shape).

As soon as I am well - time to get back up off my butt. I am pretty close now. Almost time to go shopping.

my comments are now longer than your original post.

Jill said...

Um...I'm pretty sure Bob is gay, so if he's having a romance - it's going to be pretty racy for TBL!

Congrats on the too-big pants! That's always good news.

How come it is taking so long to hear "something"?????? I'm getting impatient (as I'm sure you are too!).

Vickie said...

I am with Jill on her thinking - but my 15 year old is firm in hers.

Vickie said...

here is the clip - don't know if you watched this season from the beginning - if you did - you already saw it.

Doc Manette said...

I have no gaydar . . . unless it is obvious, so I always assumed Bob was . . . but I have also been known to be wrong. . .

Cindy...154 said...

Congratulations on the almost too big slacks. That's great and worth missing some sweets..

sharla said...

ok, this is it! I'm going to have to watch this show now as I have no clue as to what you ladies are talking about:)>

Hoping you hear something soon!!!

Remeber the "botiques" if you need to get some interim pants_you will be going down anothe size!

Hope you have a nice weekend!

I'll watch. I"ve been told I have a great gaydar.

Hanlie said...

It must be getting close to the court case now... Thinking of you!

Good for you for staying away from the sweets!

Lora said...

The romance is between Rebecca and Danny (the guy who who was on last season too!)