Sunday, July 19, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy Bees

Would you believe my son is still playing baseball? I know. I know!

His regular season ended at the end of June. The team came in first, so they went to the district playoffs last week.

They won. Ugh.

Now it's off to the state playoffs next week.

Though he did play a bunch in the regular season, he was a bench warmer during the playoffs and I know the same will be true at state. Grrr.

My parents were gone for two weeks, taking care of my 94 year old grandfather (don't worry he is doing fine - he fell after being dizzy).

Did I mention we were in a drought? Did I also mention, that my mother has landscaped acres of flowers, bushes, trees, fruit trees, roses and various other plants that have to be watered? Did I mention we had no rain for two weeks and temperatures as high as 104 degrees? I knew my mother would be MAD if I let all her plants die . . . so every morning I got up, walked the dog, brought in the newspaper and set up the hoses and sprinklers.

Who knew hoses were heavy?

Yards and yards and yards of hoses.

I also was feeling ambitious and started cleaning the mold off the white fence along the pasture and driveway. I felt like a dental hygienist, cleaning teeth.

Every muscle in my back ached.

But I have a nice light tan. (I used 70 SPF and applied every hour.)

I only managed to get the driveway portion of the fence (31 panels on each side of the driveway) so I still have a lot more work ahead of me washing the pasture panels.

And the fire ants loved the taste of my feet!

The boy's Xbox 360 died. He wants to try the towel trick where you overheat the unit. Supposedly it works. I'm a little peeved that this happens all the time to the Xbox and it costs $140 for Microsoft to fix it, when it clearly is a problem/bug/design flaw on their part. Looks like we will be trying the towel fix.

Don't feel too bad for him, because he and his sister also have a Wii, so he is still playing videos.

Looked like the boy's PLEVA (remember he was diagnosed with that after his chicken pox never went away) was coming back in May, so his doctor sent us to the dermatologist. They took a few biopsies of his sores and it turns out, he doesn't have PLEVA, just itchy skin that he scratches way too much. After a round of antibiotics and some cream for the sores, his legs look almost normal.

I took him back to the dermatologist on Friday for his return appointment and he was telling the physician assistant (a man in his 30's) about staying up late playing video games. The PA asked him if he played Mario Kart and what was his handle because he will race him on line.

And that is a good example of why I have never let 12 year old play "Live" on the internet. Ha!

Gosh, I hope I'm not always going to be like this.


Vickie said...

it was totally INappropriate of the man from the office to say that to your child. You are not over reacting.

if you didn't tell the office - you need to.

You don't need to explain a thing to them - you might say that it didn't bother you to epic proportions - and that you realized there was probably nothing to it - but that another family might REALLY not understand - and that he needs to have it explained to him how it LOOKS. and he needs to stop.

I have cleaned the side of my mom's house - I know how hard the DEmolding IS - and I can well imagine how hard it is on your back. A tan WITH 70 sunblock is hard to imagine . . .

The hoses can't just STAY set up?

Vickie said...

I forgot to say congrats on making it on to finals. I have a friend here - whose kid's team makes it on a long way - like two or more levels - but they have never made it to the end - so I understand how much WORK it is (for the mom's) when they continue on. . .it sort of never ends.

LG said...

Email me and tell me what's going on with his Xbox. BF's son had a similar problem and I believe Microsoft fixed it.

I agree with Vickie about the appropriateness. I'm sure it wasn't intended to be that way (or why say it in front of you). Great job with the fence -- it sounded like my windows at my apartment.

Congrats to your son for making that far! YAY!

Laura said...

Hope the boy gets to play some in the state finals. That sucks that he played during the season & now is on the bench. At least he gets the experience of being on a winning team.

what a good daughter you are to water for your mom. I did a little watering of our lawn last year & it was a PITA. I gave up after about 4 days & nights of spending 2-3 hours moving hoses around. Just not worth the effort for our dead spots. When I'm old & have nothing better to do, I'll have a pretty lawn.

Agree that you are NOT overreacting to the PA's offer to your son. & agree with Vickie that you should let the dr's office know. That's just creepy.

Hope the xbox gets fixed w/o a bunch of $.

Good to hear from you!!!

Michelle said...

You have been a busy bee! I think the guy at the dr. office sounds creepy and I'd let someone at the office know too!

It's hot here too and my garden is miserable. I can tell by how droopy it looks...even my sunflowers are saggy.

Scale Junkie said...

thank your Mom for giving you forced exercise and a free tan, haha.

Hope the XBox gets fixed and glad to hear your baseball star is on the mend from his...whatever it is that isn't PLEVA

Anonymous said...

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