Monday, March 2, 2009

Darn You Big Red!

When vileman travels out of state, I always see it as an opportunity to get some of our belongings. This weekend he was traveling, so on Sunday morning, the 12 year old and I drove back to the Bastille to pick up some items we will be needing in the near future and to pack up 12 year old's room. We headed out at 5:45 am and arrived around 9:30. The boy immediately headed back to his old room and started gathering up his trophies, books and posters.

The last time he went back to the old digs was in late July and he refused to go into the house. My heart ached, as I watched him get out of the car and run through the yard, to visit the next door neighbors. He never once glanced toward the house.

I suppose time really does heal.

About an hour after we had arrived, my swimming buddy, her hubby and the Irish twins showed up and with in a few minutes the next door neighbors (the former model and her very tall husband) knocked on the door.

The grown-ups sat in the family room talking "grown-up" talk while the 12 year old, the Irish twins, and the next door neighbor boy all played in the front yard.

We talked a bit about vileman and his troubles, keeping it light with gallows humor.

It felt so good to laugh.

After loading up my minivan, the 12 year old and I headed over to swimming buddy's house to eat sandwiches. For a beverage, I chose a can of Big Red . . . not thinking it would have any caffeine in it. I wanted the sugar for a quick pick-me up before we got back in the car for the almost four hour drive. After slurping it down, I looked at the can and noticed it did, indeed contain caffeine.


Had I known I was going to accidentally "cheat" on my caffeine freedom, I would have preferred to accidentally pull into a Starbucks and accidentally order a venti of caffeine goodness.


Cindy...154 said...

I'm glad you got to go back and see some people and get some stuff. The Big Red will wear off and you will be back to no caffiene. I agree, I'd go for the accidental starbucks!!! I'm still hooked...

Patience said...

I hope you got all your stuff so you won't have to go back too much. But it sounds like you have some really good people for neighbors.

Vickie said...

I can't think/imagine/dream that he is nice enough to call and say he is going to be out of town and the house will be 'safe' for you to come get stuff - ???

Laura N said...

What a relief your son could go into his room this time. Distance & time surely make a difference.

I haven't had a Big Red in decades! Used to love that stuff, at baseball games in the summer when in middle school.

Your day 3 post about no caffeine pretty much convinced me that no freaking way am I giving up my morning Joe. My doctor said yesterday that caffeine can elevate BP, but I'm drinking *that* much. I'm just not up for that kind of punishment so far.

But way to go sticking to your guns!

Hanlie said...

Ah well, just remember, now that you've broken that cherry, it's not an excuse to do it again... (I'm just saying, because that's usually how I roll).

Glad you got some of your stuff!

Helen said...

In response to your comment: I say that olives on a toothpick count as a vegetable...and sometimes as a whole salad. ;-)

sharla said...

Hey, it's Thursday, how's it going with the caffeine?

Hope you have a great weekend!